11 Agustus 2010

Pemda Mimika Send five students to China Lecture

Timika - Government District (regency), Mimika, Papua, this year sent five children graduated from secondary school (high school) for college to China. Students are selected based on the selection results will dikuliahkan at a cost of Mimika regency. The five students are Yansen H Boyau, Onisimus Yemaro, Norbertha Douw that students who graduate from state high schools are one of Mimika, along Apretina Tinal and Delson Mandela.

Department of Secondary Education (Dispenmen) will soon take care of their departure to China. "Five students are indeed prepared to leave for the Chinese government. The cost of their education we help you, the hope when he returned to serve in government Mimika, "said Head Dispenmen Mimika District, Drs. Isaiah Sombuk, met Radar Timika (JPNN group) in his office, yesterday (11 / 8).

Sombuk explained, his side has the departure of five students to discuss problems with the regents. Dispenmen will seek quick effort, so that five children will attend school at the University of China may soon go to Jakarta, for the debriefing of languages and related processing of their visa.

He explained that the five students that will follow 20 students from West Papua who had departed earlier and had participated in debriefing of Chinese in Jakarta. "Staying Mimika are not leaving. Soon I will report to the regents for the Mimika also go to Jakarta soon," he said.

Explained Sombuk, five students who will be dispatched to China had been advised to take economics and finance majors. "Because there is good to learn finance, in the hope that after they graduate can, go in the finance department because of the part, yet there are people of Papua," he explained.

The students are given one week to prepare for either file a diploma, letter of health and self-identification as well as others, and later required to lecture in China. "I am very proud and grateful to the Government of Mimika, which my child has chosen to continue their education abroad," said Lies Boyau, whose son was elected to lecture in China.

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