10 Agustus 2010

144 military personnel in Papua HIV / AIDS

JAYAPURA - MI: As many as 144 Army personnel who guarded the Papua region tested positive for HIV / AIDS. While 15 other personnel are still awaiting results of medical examinations.

"The report I received, at least 144 TNI soldiers who served in a number of areas infected with deadly diseases Papua HIV / AIDS. A total of four personnel have died otherwise," said Commander of Regional Military Command (Commander) XVII Cenderawasih, Major General Hotma Marbun told reporters in Jayapura , Tuesday (10 / 8).

Hotma said, soldiers are infected with deadly diseases caused by bad habits, ie, indiscriminate sex.

"For soldiers who tested positive for HIV / AIDS treatment services are routinely provided by Army medical team. As well as spiritual guidance and counseling to those suffering from HIV / AIDS is not spread the disease to others," he said.

Party Commands, continued Hotma, also continues to provide the socialization of the danger of a deadly disease that has so far not yet found a cure. "Socialization done so that the spread of this deadly disease does not continue to grow in an environment charged with the TNI in West Papua," he said.

Hotma added, similar cases are also found in some young people who want to register as a candidate for the Navy forces in Makodam Cenderawasih XVII.

"Most of the recruits who are infected with HIV / AIDS aged 18-20 years. There are many cases found during the medical examination conducted military recruitment," he added without specifying an exact number of soldiers who otherwise would-be living with HIV / AIDS.

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